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A new name in People Analytics introduced...

Today the Cloudwatch team is proud to introduce a new name in People Analytics. Meet We are a team of data scientists & data engineers that are all about people analytics, intuitive dashboards and meaningful data visualisations.

Our mission: People First! Everything else is replicable. And we are very serious about that... Working in the HRTech space for many years now, we are truly amazed by the enormous amount of unutilized data that business leaders have at their disposal. Think about all the data around employee appraisals and goal setting, the employee engagement surveys, data around learning & development, recruitment, etc. Placed in a relevant context and subjected to proper analyses we have a tremendous opportunity to make better people-decisions.

However, to really create data-driven teams nobody needs a bunch of expensive consultants fully taking over your analytics processes. No data problem was ever solved with shiny slide decks and big promises. Besides, most companies have smart people onboard already who know their business and the available data like no other. All that is needed really is some hands-on expertise around data modelling, data visualisation, or technical integration to kickstart your team in the right direction.

Datafied experts seamlessly blend in with the expertise already in place and make sure that all know-how build up along the way stays inside the company. Together we start small, we gather available data, define a tangible business problem and just start experimenting. Almost always we produce data narratives and visualisations that truly impact your business strategy.

So why the new name? For those of you already following Cloudwatch you most likely know us as a team of HR Tech specialists delivering HR software services. As the team has been growing however, data analytics more and more became a substantial part of the work we do. Also, a lot of our customer engagements are with international customers outside of the Netherlands. We feel a new identity only about data analytics will help us and our customers focus more and accelerate faster.

We will always be very much connected to the HR Tech services we offer from Cloudwatch, but as Datafied we will be reaching out to new audiences that are keen to get more out of data, jumpstart people analytics, or are experimenting with Microsoft PowerBI.

For now; follow our website and Linkedin for updates, content & case studies. Do not hesitate to drop us a note if you have a set of data to crunch, or want to talk about the endless possibilities of PowerBI, Flow and PowerApps.

Keep in touch,

Team Datafied

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