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  • Data is everywhere. We bring it together, analyse it and visualise the insights that makes businesses smarter than ever.


    We combine PowerBI, statistics & machine learning with stunning data visualisations to enable business & talent leaders to really impact and change their businesses.

  • Services

    For all of our work goes; we are your plug & play data science team! Whether we develop predictive models to solve the most complex business problems, or support your team with design of data visuals; we always blend in with the team already in place to pursuit your business goals.

    People Analytics & Data Science

    We analyse and tackle a specific problem. Using advanced statistical methods and code we help business leaders to make better decisions about their workforce. We bring very specific insights on how to improve performance, reduce turnover, or boost engagement and more.

    Dashboards & Reports

    We develop custom dashboards & reports that bring your data together in one place and offer stunning interactive data visuals. We deploy our dashboards on your site. No lock-ins, no hidden licence fees. Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Office365; are our tools of choice.

    Data Integrations

    Looking for connectivity expertise? Our developers know their way with every API to connect to your systems, websites and files. We build smart integrations that scale for future purposes and changes.

    Advisory & Insights

    Bringing a data culture needs a change of mindset. We work & consult with teams that want to embed analytics in their daily way of working. No-nonsense business consulting and training that help your teams become data driven professionals

    Data Quality & Cleansing

    To truly leverage analytics, you need proper data quality. We clean up large sets of data identifying inconsistencies, errors, missing values, etc. and work with you to significantly improve your data quality in a matter of weeks

  • Technology


    We use the full Microsoft Business Intelligence stack to turn people data into insights and insights into actions.


    Microsoft's suite of integrated BI solutions empowers business teams to drive analytics without having to depend on the IT department.


    Also for more advanced cases Microsoft offers extremely powerful data modelling and stunning visualisations, all embedded around tools that are native to almost all organisations like Excel, Powerpoint, SQL, Azure, etc.


    Power BI

    Dashboards & Reports

    Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights with stunning dashboards and reports.


    Integrations & workflows

    Connect with any application, pull data and automate business processes with custom workflows & triggers.


    Mobile apps for data collection

    Custom apps to store and retrieve data and add any data gathered to to PowerBI for analyses & visualization



    Machine learning

    Highly extendable language and environment for statistical computing and custom graphics.



  • Every collaboration with our customers and partners differs, but we always go about it in this way....


    Goals & Strategy

    Together with you we define a problem to tackle, set explicit goals and make an action plan. Together we tie your analytics goals and your organisations business strategy together. Using an initial, typically anonymous set of sample data we set clear hypothesis & metrics


    Collect & Combine

    Our developers tab data from your systems. Data around People, Performance, Campaigns, Websites, etc.; any data point goes! We then consolidate your data and mash it together in a data model that scales for all your future reporting and analytics requirements.


    Analyse & Visualise

    This is where the magic happens! We deep-dive on your data, isolate predictive patterns, do cluster analyses and everything that's needed to dig the story out of your data. We know stunning data visuals are the key to have analytics impact an audience. That’s why we bring you dashboards that truly engage your audience.


    Action & Improve

    With an algorithm, or dashboard in place we won’t just leave. A data culture will just not spring overnight. Our data scientists remain available to help your team to embed People Analytics in everyday practices and help keep continuous improvement of your business going.

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